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Customer Testimonials

John Klingberg and his crew were simply the best.  Having been around several job sites in the past I knew what I was looking for in a contractor.  My priorities were quality of workmanship, easy to work with and full disclosure of costs. John excels in all of these areas. I interviewed several contractors and toured job sites and finished homes. The Klingberg sites always impressed me in that they were clean, the workmanship was top notch ad the subs invariably had great things to say about working with John.

Building our cabin an hour away from our home didn’t allow me to be at the job site as frequently as I would have liked.  Therefore, John had to make some critical decisions with just my input over the phone. He was able to hear my ideas and give sage advice on any issues that came up.  Not once did I feel that we didn’t end up on the same page. 
I believe that when you build something you construct it well; you build it for the long term. John is the same kind of guy.  Our deck was engineered and passed through county but John didn’t like some of the hardware and the tie-in method, “it wouldn’t have passed code in Tuolumne County” he told me.  He upgraded the materials to meet a higher standard. That’s what you get with John; he’s going to build it well.  By the end of my project we had lots of details to be worked out with finish work. I left it all up to John and his team and I couldn’t be happier.  The workmanship is spectacular.  The entire process was enjoyable and easy.  I can’t recommend Klingberg Construction more highly.
Scott Klatt


John Klingberg and his associates have done three major remodels for us at our Twain Harte residence.  The first was five years ago, when we asked him to do a "to the studs" kitchen and family room re-do.  John's design skills blended easily with our ideas, and resulted in a kitchen that still generates oohs and aahs from us, and anyone who visits for the first time.

His care for detail, and ability to take an unsophisticated owner's ideas and create a smoothly flowing highly functional "two=butt" kitchen with beautiful accents is amazing.  John is highly selective in choosing his employees and subs, and stays on top of them throughout the entire project.

After the first project, we had Klingberg return to do a master bedroom and guest bath re-model, which included installation of a jetted tub.  This project also went very well, and resulted in much more modern and user-friendly living spaces.

In any major remodel, one must be patient, and recognize that unexpected issues will arise during tear out.  The owner must be flexible enough to listen to suggestions by Klingberg and his associates that will assure a better result.  The dedication to a quality finished product includes keeping the owner involved during the entire process, and together making decisions about adjustments to the original plans that might correct deficiencies discovered along the way, or just make for a better finished product.

This year we had Klingberg Construction return to do another "to the studs" re-work, this time of our Master Bath.  We had a list of disparate desires for the project regarding shower set-up, access, and cabinetry, but no idea of how each piece would fit together.  John and his associates were able to pull our ideas together into a beautiful blend of tile, glass, woodwork, and cabinetry so that we have a true showpiece of a bathroom.

We would not hesitate to have John Klingberg return for another major project.  He is able to absorb our ideas and easily work with us to contribute his own thoughts, resulting in a wonderful finished project.  His attention to detail, from initial design to managing subs, to final clean-up is amazing.


Before beginning the design of our new cabin overlooking the South Fork of the Stanislaus River at Strawberry, we interviewed four quality local builders and chose John Klingberg.  It was an excellent decision.  John worked with our architect to design a home that captured the lovely views of the cascading river while positioning the cabin between several large pines and firs. 

Constructing a building on the steep and rocky slope of the canyon was a task that some builders would not undertake, but John and his excellent crew were up to the challenge.  Throughout the building process, the work was well organized.  Timely scheduling of sub-contractors was the rule.  His monthly bills were fair and well documented.  The attention to detail and workmanship was superb.  John is exceptionally creative, works with his crew and there is one thing we would do differently.  There would be no interviews with other builders. We would simply tell John to" build it."